North of Chile

Although the northern area of this amazing country can be still, it sure isn’t inert. The sobriety of the high plateaus stands proud before the Atacama Desert and surprises you with unexpected little villages and lakes. Then, as you explore towards the central zone, you will find lush valleys and the charm of the starriest nights.

Some of the most visited places are:

Atacama Desert – It is the world’s driest desert, with areas not registering even a drop of rain for 150 years. Nevertheless, it offers many attractions, which include geysers at 4,300 meters above sea level, the little town of San Pedro de Atacama -home of ancient mummies-, salt flats that stand out for its expansion, and the surprising presence of flamingoes and the most pristine skies you will ever see.

Desierto Florido – Although it is a fairly passing attraction, it is worth mentioning, due to its miraculous nature, and the fact that it embodies the desert’s capacity to astonish us over and over again.

Valle del Elqui – A fertile valley that presents the perfect opportunity to connect with nature. It has become famous for its ecotourism and the place to go to rest from the urban maelstrom, amidst beautiful vineyards that make the finest pisco in Chile.