Center of Chile

In addition to the urban attractions of the capital city, the central zone is home to fertile soils, where you can enjoy amazing wine tours, breathtaking landscapes, lovely beaches, and mild weather. You can also enjoy prestigious ski centers and the picturesque city of Valparaíso, famous for its unique architecture and declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Valparaíso – This unique city’s architecture reflects the way it was conceived: without a plan. Its spontaneous growth mirrors history and is a testimony of hundreds of years of people arriving, staying, and settling next to the sea, mesmerized by its originality and endless possibilities. It is a city of color, imagination, and art under an open sky.

Santiago – Chile’s capital stuns tourists with its sophistication, which can be observed in the finest cuisine and tasted in the best wines, at extraordinary prices. Spaniard conquistadors chose this place because of the beauty of its rivers and hills, and life expanded it, creating a monopoly that has everything to offer, especially its closeness to both snow and sea.

Litoral Central – The central coast offers a trail of lovely little beaches, which although not tropical, provide a mild alternative to enjoying the sea and the subtle enchantment of the south. Some of the most famous beaches are Maitencillo, Zapallar, Cachagua, and Papudo.