Tourism in Chile

In Chile, you can find the tallest building in Latin America, telescopes where life is sought beyond our galaxy, wine made with quality and modern tradition, as well as, our capital’s vibrant city life located at the foot of the mountain and only a few hours from the sea.

Chile, a connected country

Chile is located in the southwestern region of South America. All flights originating from outside the country arrive first at the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport of Santiago, and from there flights can take you to various points across the country.

Language: Spanish
Currency: Chilean peso
Population: 17,8 millions
Weight and measures: Chile uses the standard metric system.

Widely available 4G networks Data roaming connectivity provided by several international carriers

Official Travel Agency

Gabriela Toledo
Avda. Kennedy 7900, Of.004, Vitacura, Santiago Chile
(56) 2 2241 1900

Chile in 5 Zones

The country divides itself into five distinct geographic and climatic zones. The north, influenced by the presence of the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world; Santiago, Valparaíso and the Central Valleys, defined by its Mediterranean climate and its wine valleys; towards the south, the Lakes and Volcanoes region marvels with its exuberating beauty and pristine landscapes; in the far south, Patagonia and the Antarctic Territory and finally the Oceanic Islands, highlighting Rapa Nui and Robinson Crusoe, characterized by their local tradition and marine diversity