Preliminary Scientific Program

A complete list of sessions from the Scientific Program at the IFFAS 2020 meeting

IFFAS 2022

Friday - April 29




Moderator 1Cristian Ortiz, MD
Moderator 2Daniel Baunfeld, MD
07:00 – 07:08Speaker FLAMECIPPHector Masaragian, MDEndoscopic treatment in Posterior Tibial tendon and spring ligament injuries
07:08 – 07:16Speaker NAFFASErik Ferkel, MDArthroscopic Treatment of Soft Tissue Lesion of the Ankle and Subtalar Joint
07:16 – 07:24Speaker AFFASSatoru Ozeki, MDReconstruction surgery for ligament injuries ot the foot and ankle in athlete
07:24 – 07:32Speaker EFASKris Buedts, MDOperative versus Nonoperative Treatment of Achilles Tendon Rupture
07:32 – 07:40Guest speakerFederico Usuelli, MDOperative Treatment of Ligamentous Injuries at the Ankle
07:40 – 07:46Free paper 524Leonardo Moraes, MDAnatomical structures at risk in proximal fifth metatarsal fracture fixation: A cadaver study
07:46 – 07:52Free paper 334Naoki Haraguchi, MDAggressive fixation of osteochondral lesions of the talus
07:52 – 07:58Free paper 338Gonzalo Bastias, MDMonopodal versus bipodal radiologic examination for unstable subtle ligamentary lisfranc injuries
07:58 – 08:30Discussion


Moderator 1Mark Myerson, MD
Moderator 2Cristian Ortiz, MD
08:30 – 08:38Speaker FLAMECIPPCaio Nery, MDComplications in lesser toes and plantar plate surgery: what now ?
08:38 – 08:46Speaker NAFFASBob Santrock, MD3D Correction of Bunions – The Only Way to Go
08:46 – 08:54Speaker AFFASRyuzo Okuda, MDOperative treatment for severe hallux valgus with metatarsus adductus
08:54 – 09:02Speaker EFASMarino Delmi, MDLesser Metatarsal Osteotomies
09:02 – 09:10Guest speakerJames Nunley, MDEvidence in Plantar Plate Repair
09:10 – 09:16Free paper 180Gin Way Law, MDBunion surgery in symptomatic hallux valgus for patients with diabetes mellitus: A matched-pair study
09:16 – 09:22Free paper 184Maria Cöster, MDHallux rigidus-osteoarthtis of the first mtp joint. Surgical and patient-reported results from swefoot
09:22 – 09:28   
09:28 – 10:00Discussion
10:00 – 10:30COFFEE BREAK


Supramalleolar Osteotomy
Moderator 1Chris Coetzee, MD
Moderator 2Marino Delmi, MD
10:30 – 10:38Speaker FLAMECIPPPablo Wagner, MDDistal Tibia deformity correction with intramedullary nail
10:38 – 10:46Speaker NAFFASAndrea Veljkovic, MDSupramalleolar Osteotomies for TAR OCD Lesiones
10:46 – 10:54Speaker AFFASHong Geun Jung, MDSupramalleolar osteotomy for the osteoarthritis of the ankle
10:54 – 11:02Speaker EFASKris Buedts, MDTechnique 3D-guided supramalleolar dome ostetomy
11:02 – 11:10Guest speakerBeat Hintermann, MDEvidence for Supramalleolar Osteotomies
11:10 – 11:16Free paper 78Fabian Krause, MDThe effect of subtalar motion on calcaneal osteotomies
11:16 – 11:22Free paper 281Naoki Haraguchi, MDLow tibial osteotomy combined with ankle mortise reconstruction for advanced osteoarthritis of the ankle
11:22 – 11:28Free paper 290Woo-chun Lee, MDCT analysis of cystic osteochondral lesion of the talus after realignment surgery
11:28 – 12:00Discussion
12:00 – 14:00WORKSHOP – LUNCH


Moderator 1Yves Tourne, MD
Moderator 2Mark Easley, MD
14:00 – 14:08Speaker FLAMECIPPJose Sanhudo, MDPeroneus brevis transfer in PTTD
14:08 – 14:16Speaker NAFFAS  
14:16 – 14:24Speaker AFFAS  
14:24 – 14:32Speaker EFASAntonio Viladot, MDSubtalar Arthrorisis: Indications and Results
14:32 – 14:40Guest speakerChris Coetzee, MDEvidence in Flatfoot Treatment
14:40 – 14:46Free paper 109Mohamed Abd-ella, MDModified lateral column lengthening osteotom, a cadaveric study of structures at risk
14:46 – 14:52Free paper 537Rómulo Silva, MDAnalysis of the prevalence of pes planus in patients submitted to hallux valgus correction surgery: is there any correlation?
14:52 – 14:58Free paper 318Gabriel Ferraz, MDThe ponseti method in children with clubfoot after walking age? Systematic review and metanalysis of observational studies
14:58 – 15:30Discussion
15:30 – 16:00COFFEE BREAK


Moderator 1Joao Carvalho Neto, MD
Moderator 2Jae Hoon Ahn, MD
16:00 – 16:08Speaker FLAMECIPPMario Ulivarri, MDPercutaneous surgery in plantar plate lesions
16:08 – 16:16Speaker NAFFASAlastair Younger, MDArthroscopy in Foot and Ankle Surgery: Beyond the Ankle
16:16 – 16:24Speaker AFFASInderjeet Singh Rikhraj, MDMIS in Forefoot Surgery
16:24 – 16:32Speaker EFASManfred Thomas, MDTechnique for Minimally Invasive Forefoot Surgery
16:32 – 16:40Guest speakerPeter Bock, MDEvidence in Minimally Invasive Forefoot Surgery
16:40 – 16:46Free paper 269Sofia Carlucci, MDIs obesity a risk factor in percutaneous hallux valgus surgery?
16:46 – 16:52Free paper 688Moses Lee, MDLearning curve of third-generation percutaneous chevron akin osteotomy using the cumulative summation test
16:52 – 17:30Discussion


Moderator 1Diego Zanolli, MD
Moderator 2Eduardo Fuentes, MD
17:30 – 17:36Free paper 301Moses Lee, MDMetal artifact reduction sequence (mars) mri for the evaluation of total ankle arthroplasty: a cadaveric study
17:36 – 17:42Free paper 115David Pedowitz, MDShort-term outcomes and complications of the cadence total ankle arthroplasty at 2 year follow-up
17:42 – 17:48Free paper 289Timothy Daniels, MDTwo-year outcomes of total ankle replacement with the cadence total ankle replacement system
17:48 – 17:54Free paper 87Roman Susdorf, MDTotal ankle replacement: what are the reasons for revision?
17:54 – 18:00Free paper 443Yui Akiyama, MDClinical outcomes of total ankle arthroplasty with total talar prosthesis
18:00 – 18:06Free paper 492Jungtae Ahn, MDComparison of total ankle arthroplasty and ankle arthrodesis in end-stage haemophilic arthropathy of the ankle: Retrospective study of 29 case
18:06 – 18:12Free paper 498Hiroaki Kurokawa, MDEffect of preoperative femorotibial angle (FTA) on postoperative outcomes of total ankle arthroplasty (TAA)
18:12 – 18:18Free paper 510Nicolò Martinelli, MDIn vivo kinematics of the total metal total ankle arthroplasty with trans-fibular approach
18:18 – 18:24Free paper 526Georg Hauer, MDSurvival rate of total ankle arthroplasty: A comparative analysis of clinical studies and national arthroplasty registers
18:24 – 18:30   
18:30 – 18:50Discussion

IFFAS 2022

Friday - April 29



Moderator 1Martinus Richter, MD
Moderator 2Satoshi Yamaguchi, MD
07:00 – 07:08Speaker FLAMECIPPJorge Batista, MDThe role of bone marrow stimulation
07:08 – 07:16Speaker NAFFASJohn Kennedy, MDWhat Biological Augmentation Works for Cartilage Defects
07:16 – 07:24Speaker AFFASJin Woo Lee, MDUpdates on the osteochondral lesion of talus based on the longterm followup
07:24 – 07:32Speaker EFASMarkus Walther, MDAMIC for Cartilage Defects
07:32 – 07:40Guest speakerNiek Van Dijk, MDActual Evidence in for Treatment of Cartilage Defects
07:40 – 07:46Free paper 25Markus Walther, MDSystematic review and meta-analysis of the amic procedure using chondro gide® for osteochondral lesions of the talus
07:46 – 07:52Free paper 137Matteo Guelfi, MDInternational trends in the diagnosis and treatment of talar osteochondral lesions: A global survey among foot and ankle surgeons
07:52 – 07:58Free paper 179Tomoji Matsuo, MDMorphological features of atraumatic osteochondral lesions of the talus
07:58 – 08:04Free paper 484Yoshiharu Shimozono, MDClinical and radiological outcomes of autologous osteochondral transplantation with micronized allograft cartilage matrix augmentation for osteochondral lesions of the talus
08:04 – 08:30Discussion


Moderator 1Beat Hintermann, MD
Moderator 2 
08:30 – 08:38Speaker FLAMECIPPGiovanni Carcuro, MDAnkle replacement in valgus deformity
08:38 – 08:46Speaker NAFFASMark Easley, MDWhere Are We Now with Fixed Bearing Prostheses
08:46 – 08:54Speaker AFFASYasuhito Tanaka, MDTotal Ankle Arthroplasty Combined with Total Talar Prosthesis
08:54 – 09:02Speaker EFASVictor Valderrabano, MDEvidence for New Designs
09:02 – 09:10Guest speakerJirun Apinun, MDMobile versus Fixed Bearing – Where is the Evidence?
09:10 – 09:16Free paper 292Yoo Jung Park, MDManagement of periprosthetic osteolysis after total ankle arthroplasty
09:16 – 09:22Free paper 322James Brodsky, MDLong term functional outcomes after total ankle arthroplasty
09:22 – 09:28Free paper 44Roxa Ruiz, MDThe effect of exchange of a mobile-bearing into a fixed-bearing total ankle system on coronal plane balancing
09:28 – 09:34Free paper 272Timothy Daniels, MDTotal ankle arthroplasty as day case surgery – How safe and effective it is.
09:34 – 10:00Discussion
10:00 – 10:30COFFEE BREAK

Gastroc-/Achilles-/Soleus Lengthening

Moderator 1James Nunley, MD
Moderator 2Federico Usuelli, MD
10:30 – 10:38Speaker FLAMECIPPLuis Hermida, MDGastroc lengthening in chronic achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis
10:38 – 10:46Speaker NAFFASJames DeOrio, MDAchilles Lengthening in TAR
10:46 – 10:54Speaker AFFASEwe Juan Yeap, MDEndoscopic Gastrocnemius Recession: an Evolution from Open Surgery
10:54 – 11:02Speaker EFASDishan Singh, MDEvidence-Based Assessment of Gastroc-/Achilles-/Soleus-Length
11:02 – 11:10Guest speakerMark Myerson, MD 
11:10 – 11:16Free paper 321Kelly Stéfani, MDIsolated gastrocnemius tightness: Impact on foot diseases
11:16 – 11:22Free paper 509Nicolò Martinelli, MDMicro fractured and purified adipose tissue graft (Lipogems®) in the treatment of chronic plantar fasciitis: A prospective, uncontrolled preliminary study
11:22 – 12:00Discussion
12:00 – 14:00WORKSHOP – LUNCH

Ankle / Subtalar Fusion

Moderator 1Peter Bock, MD
Moderator 2Juan Pedro Kalb, MD
14:00 – 14:08Speaker FLAMECIPPSantiago Guerrero, MDEarly weight bearing after ankle fusion with plate
14:08 – 14:16Speaker NAFFASBruce Sangeorzan, MDResults of Open Ankle Fusion
14:16 – 14:24Speaker AFFASJae Hoon Ahn, MDArthroscopic Subtalar fusion
14:24 – 14:32Speaker EFASThomas Bauer, MDArthroscopic Ankle Fusion
14:32 – 14:40Guest speakerGabriel Khazen, MDEvidence for Ankle and Subtalar Fusion
14:40 – 14:46Free paper 46Woo-Chun Lee, MDJoint preservation surgery for varus ankle arthritis with large talar tilt using repositional subtalar arthrodesis
14:46 – 14:52Free paper 508Giorgio Raggi, MDArthroscopic ankle arthrodesis in high risk patients: A comparison study
14:52 – 14:58Free paper 568Chamnanni Rungprai, MDOutcomes and complications of open versus posterior arthroscopic subtalar arthrodesis: A prospective randomized multicenter study
15:30 – 16:00COFFEE BREAK

New Surgical Procedures

Moderator 1Ryuzo Okuda, MD
Moderator 2Mario Kuhn Adames, MD
16:00 – 16:08Speaker FLAMECIPPEmilio Wagner, MDFirst proximal rotational osteotomy for Hallux Valgus treatment
16:08 – 16:16Speaker NAFFASJudy Baumhauer, MDCartilage Replacement in 1st MTP Arthritis
16:16 – 16:24Speaker AFFASXiangyang Xu, MDA New Minimally Invasive Method for Anatomic Reconstruction of the Lateral Ankle Ligaments
16:24 – 16:32Speaker EFASAndy Goldberg, MDExamples for New Procedures that Never Became Evident
16:32 – 16:40Guest speakerWilliam McGarvey, MDExamples for New Procedures that Became Evident
16:40 – 16:46Free paper 172Tiago Baumfeld, MDSynthetic ligamentplasty has similar results to classic transarticular screws in a lisfranc cadaveric model
16:46 – 16:52Free paper 495Yuki Tochigi, MDA novel endoscopic subtalar ligament reinforcement technique for forestalling residual hindfoot instability following scar debridement in sinus tarsi syndrome
16:52 – 16:58Free paper 639 A novel technique for moderate hallux valgus correction: The bc osteotomy.
16:58 – 17:30Discussion


Moderator 1Francisco Rondon, MD
Moderator 2Gabriel Khazen, MD
17:30 – 17:36Free paper 316Kelly Stefani, MDRelationship between polymorphism of receptor p2x7 and bone mineral density: A study on elderly patients with ankle fractures
17:36 – 17:42Free paper 334David Shepherd, MDSyndesmotic stabilisation with tightrope and internal brace? Technique and clinical outcomes
17:42 – 17:48Free paper 140Christopher Kreulen, MDA prospective, randomized investigation of syndesmosis injury fixation
17:48 – 17:54Free paper 308Edward Haupt, MDValidation of the center-center technique for intraoperative syndesmosis fixation
17:54 – 18:00Free paper 280Akaradech Pitakveerakul, MDRadiographic parameters in gravity stress view of the ankle: Normative data
18:00 – 18:06Free paper 497Chamnanni Rungprai, MDComparison of syndesmotic malreduction rate following trans-syndesmotic screw fixation in ser versus per type ankle fracture: A prospective analytic study
18:06 – 18:12 Free paper 542Nacime Mansur, MDComputed tomography in ankle fractures: Modify diagnostic, conduct and surgical planning
18:12 – 18:18 Free paper 543Joaquin Palma, MDA new intraoperative measurement that predicts ankle syndesmotic joint malreduction
18:18 – 18:24 Free paper 634Kar Hao Teoh, MDIs it safe to weightbear a tibia-pro-fibula construct early when used in treating unstable osteoporotic bimalleolar ankle fractures: A biomechanical study?
18:24 – 18:30Free paper 528David Paglia, MDThe effect of topical vancomycin in diabetic fracture healing
18:30 – 18:50Discussion

IFFAS 2022

Saturday - April 30


Tendon Problems

Moderator 1Joao Carvalho Neto, MD
Moderator 2Gaston Slulitel, MD
07:00 – 07:08Speaker FLAMECIPPRoberto Zambelli, MDEvaluating functional results after repair of Achilles tendon injuries : which tools should we use and why
07:08 – 07:16Speaker NAFFASMark Glazebrook, MDAchilles Tendon Ruptures: Evidence-Based Care
07:16 – 07:24Speaker AFFASToshito Yasuda, MDSurgical treatment for chronic Achilles tendon rupture
07:24 – 07:32Speaker EFASYves Tourne, MDEvidence-Based Treatment of Achillodynia
07:32 – 07:40Guest speakerSelene Parekh, MDPeroneal Tendon Disorders
07:40 – 07:46Free paper 505Alberto Bianchi, MDTranstendinous approach calcaneoplasty versus endoscopic calcaneoplasty for insertional achilles tendinopathy
07:46 – 07:52Free paper 525Juan Sebastian Herrera Rodriguez, MDAnatomic and cadaveric evaluation of the tenoscopy portals for the posterior tibial tendon and spring ligament, and artroscopy of the talonavicular articulation
07:52 – 07:58Free paper 539Joaquin Palma, MDAre patients presenting with an achilles tendon rupture at greater risk of rupturing their contralateral tendon? A retrospective cohort study with minimum 2-years follow-up

Basic science

Moderator 1Jirun Apinun, MD
Moderator 2Jin Woo Lee, MD
08:30 – 08:38Speaker FLAMECIPPTania Szejnfeld, MDThe impact of low Vitamin D affecting bone healing
08:38 – 08:46Speaker NAFFASSheldon Lin, MDWhat It Takes for Bone Healing – New Adjuncts
08:46 – 08:54Speaker AFFASChristopher J. Pearce, MDPathophysiology of Achilles Tendinopathy
08:54 – 09:02Speaker EFASClaudio Balvedere, MDBiomechanics of Total Ankle Replacement
09:02 – 09:10Guest speakerCharles Saltzman, MDExamples for Clinical Relevance of Basic Science
09:10 – 09:16Free paper 203Miki Dalmau-Pastor, PhDATFL’S superior fascicle controls ankle internal rotation while its inferior fascicle controls talar anterior translation: a biomechanical study
09:16 – 09:22Free paper 632Jaeyoung Kim, MDCorrelation analysis between cortical bone thickness of tibia and fibular in simple radiographs and bone mineral density from DXA scan
09:22 – 10:00Discussion
10:00 – 10:30COFFEE BREAK

Foot Fracture Complications

Moderator 1Stefan Rammelt, MD
Moderator 2Chris Coetzee, MD
10:30 – 10:38Speaker FLAMECIPPAlexander Godoy, MDTreatment of non union and malunited talus fracture
10:38 – 10:46Speaker NAFFASMarkus Knupp, MDHindfoot Reconstruction After Tala AVN
10:46 – 10:54Speaker AFFASHyung Jin Chung, MDTreatment of Midfoot & Forefot Fracture Complications
10:54 – 11:02Speaker EFASSabine Ochman, MDTreatment of Malunited Calcaneal Fractures
11:02 – 11:10Guest speakerBavornrit Chuckpaiwong, MDTreatment of Neglected Navicular Fractures
11:10 – 11:16Free paper 376Yuan Zhu, MDTransfibular approach in treating malunited ankle fracture
11:16 – 11:22Free paper 469Jon Y. Kwon, MDSoft tissue structures at risk with posterior-to-anterior screw fixation of the posterior malleolus fracture
11:22 – 11:28Free paper 524Akira Taniguchi, MDDoes the change of arch height by weight-bearing associate with the incidence of jones fracture?
11:28 – 12:00Discussion
12:00 – 14:00WORKSHOP – LUNCH

Weight-bearing CT

Moderator 1Charles Saltzman, MD
Moderator 2Yasuhito Tanaka, MD
14:00 – 14:08Speaker FLAMECIPPCesar de Netto, MDWBCT in Flatfoot Deformity
14:08 – 14:16Speaker NAFFASAlexej Barg, MDWBCT in Syndesmotic Injuries
14:16 – 14:24Speaker AFFASWoo Chun Lee, MDThe role of WBCT in lower limb alignment
14:24 – 14:32Speaker EFASFrancois Lintz, MDWBCT for Hindfoot Alinment
14:32 – 14:40Guest speakerMartinus Richter, MDEvidence for WBCT
14:40 – 14:46Free paper 6Martinus Richter, MDResults of more than 11,000 scans with weightbearing CT – impact on costs, radiation exposure and procedure time
14:46 – 14:52Free paper 48Woo-chun Lee, MDCharacteristics of medial gutter ankle arthritis on weight-bearing CT and plain radiograph
14:52 – 14:58Free paper 447Daniel Farber, MDThe role of weight-bearing computed tomography scan in hallux valgus
14:58 – 15:30Discussion
15:30 – 16:00COFFEE BREAK


Moderator 1Diego Zanolli, MD
Moderator 2Leonardo Lagos, MD
16:00-16:06Free paper 50Woo-chun Lee, MDJoint preservation surgery using tibialis posterior tendon transfer in varus ankle arthritis with large talar tilt
16:06-16:12Free paper 530Yasunari Ikuta, MDHistopathological and radiographic features of the postoperative osteolysis surrounding the poly-l-lactic acid pin after the fixation of the osteochondral fragment for osteochondral lesion of the talus
16:12-16:18Free paper 360Riccardo Dambrosi, MDWe are not still ready for metal: 5-year clinical and radiological outcomes with all arthroscopic autologous matrix-induced chondrogenesis (at-amic) for the treatment of osteochondral talar defects
16:18-16:24Free paper 377Yuan Zhu, MDosteochondral autograft transfer combined with periarticular osteotomy for the treatment of osteochondral defect of the talus in varus ankle
16:24-16:30Free paper 483Hyuck Sung Son, MDCorrelation of clinical outcomes and presence and severity of bone marrow edema after arthroscopic microfracture for osteochondral lesion of the talus
16:30-16:36Free paper 32Jong-kil Kim, MDEffect of bone morphogenetic protein-2 with microfracture on osteochondral defect in a rabbits talus
16:36-16:42Free paper 3Martinus Richter, MDComparison matrix-associated stem cell transplantation (mast) with autologous matrix induced chondrogenesis plus peripheral blood concentrate (amic+pbc) in chondral lesions at the ankle – a clinical matched-patient analysis
16:42-16:48Free paper 2Martinus Richter, MDTotal joint replacement of the first metatarsophalangeal joint with roto-glide as alternative to arthrodesis
16:48-16:54Free paper 7Martinus Richter, MDEFAS score? Multilingual development and validation of a patient-reported outcome measure (prom) by the score committee of the European Foot and Ankle Society
16:54 – 17:15Discussion
17:15 – 17:30CLOSING REMARKS

IFFAS 2022

Saturday - April 30


Infections in Foot and Ankle

Moderator 1 
Moderator 2Jorge Filippi, MD
07:00 – 07:08Speaker FLAMECIPPAna King, MDVAC in acute diabetic foot
07:08 – 07:16Speaker NAFFASJames DeOrio, MDManagement of Infected Total Ankle Replacement
07:16 – 07:24Speaker AFFASKi Sun Sung, MDPitfalls in dignosis and managementof foot and ankle infection incluiding tuberculosis
07:24 – 07:32Speaker EFASMarco Guelfi, MDManagement of Infections after reconstructive surgery
07:32 – 07:40Guest speakerMandeep Dhillon, MDEvidence in Surgical Treatment of Foot Infections
07:40 – 07:46Free paper 91Andrew Wines, MDComparison of topical skin adhesive and simple interrupted nylon sutures for wound closure in forefoot surgery:a prospective randomised controlled trial
07:46 – 07:52Free paper 204Gerardo Ledermann, MDA novel intraoperative technique seeding morselized bone tissue into pediatric blood culture bottles improves microbiological diagnosis in patients with foot and ankle osteomyelitis
07:52 – 08:30Discussion

Calcaneal and Talar Fractures

Moderator 1 
Moderator 2Marcos Sakaki, MD
08:30 – 08:38Speaker FLAMECIPPGerardo Muñoz, MDArthroscopic assistance in talar body fracture: no more malleolar osteotomies
08:38 – 08:46Speaker NAFFASJohn Kwon, MDEvolution of Treatment of Calcaneal Fractures in the U.S.
08:46 – 08:54Speaker AFFASXudong Miao, MDProgress on minimally invasive treatment for calcaneal fracture
08:54 – 09:02Speaker EFASJohnny Frøkjær, MDTreatment of Talar Neck Fractures
09:02 – 09:10Guest speakerStefan Rammelt, MDActual Evidence for Calcaneal Fracture Treatment
09:10 – 09:16Free paper 335Gonzalo Bastias, MDIntramedullary fibular fixation in patients with distal tibia and pilon fractures
09:16 – 09:22Free paper 374Masanori Taki, MDA comparison between internal fixation and arthroscopic resection for painful secondary ossification center of the medial malleolus in athletes
09:22 – 10:00Discussion
10:00 – 10:30COFFEE BREAK

Ankle Instability

Moderator 1Selene Parekh, MD
Moderator 2Woo Chun Lee, MD
10:30 – 10:38Speaker FLAMECIPPSergio Abello, MDArthroscopic Brostrom : 10 years follow up
10:38 – 10:46Speaker NAFFASJohnny Lau, MDMedial Ankle Instability
10:46 – 10:54Speaker AFFASSatoshi Yamaguchi, MDActual functional anatomy of the ankle ligaments
10:54 – 11:02Speaker EFASJordi Vega, MDDifferent Options for Lateral Ligament Reconstruction
11:02 – 11:10Guest speakerBruce Cohen, MDEvidence for the Treatment of Ankle Instability
11:10 – 11:16Free paper 305Carlos Villarroel, MDFunctional evaluation between patients operated for ankle instability with a lateral vs lateral-medial reconstruction
11:16 – 11:22Free paper 529Heui-chul Gwak, MDComparison of an open modified brostrom operation with and without an internal brace in chronic ankle instability
11:22 – 11:28Free paper 637Giovanni Carcuro, MDArtrobrostrom knotless: Modified surgical technique for ankle instability
11:28 – 12:00Discussion
12:00 – 14:00WORKSHOP – LUNCH

Treatment Charcot Arthropathy

Moderator 1Bavornrit Chuckpaiwong, MD
Moderator 2Bruce Cohen, MD
14:00 – 14:08Speaker FLAMECIPPNoe De Marchi Neto, MDReconstructive surgery for Charcot Arthropathy
14:08 – 14:16Speaker NAFFASSamuel Adams, MD3D Printed Cages for Deformity Correction
14:16 – 14:24Speaker AFFASEmiliano Tablante, MDDiabetes/Charcot management in third world country
14:24 – 14:32Speaker EFASOliver Michelsson, MDManagement of Deformities in Charcot Arthropathy
14:32 – 14:40Guest speaker  
14:40 – 14:46Free paper 144Juan Manuel Río Ruh, MDDiabetic ankle fracture complications: A meta-analysis
14:46 – 14:52Free paper 371Brian Martin, MDEarly results of a novel technique with intraosseous antibiotic loaded bone substitute in diabetic foot osteomyelitis
14:52 – 14:58Free paper 518Trapper Lalli, MDBeaming screw midfoot charcot reconstruction with and without subtalar arthrodesis
14:58 – 15:30Discussion
15:30 – 16:00COFFEE BREAK


Moderator 1Francisco Rondón, MD
Moderator 2Gabriel Khazen, MD
16:00-16:06Free paper 315Yantarat Sripanich, MDImaging in lisfranc injury: A systematic literature review
16:06-16:12Free paper 485Yantarat Sripanich, MDChange in the C1-M2 distance after simulated purely ligamentous lisfranc injury as evaluated by weightbearing CT scans: A match-paired cadaveric study
16:12-16:18Free paper 486Yoshiharu Shimozono, MDEarly outcomes and complications of polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel implant for hallux rigidus
16:18-16:24Free paper 141Christopher Kreulen, MDBiomechanical evaluation of an augmented medial capsular repair for hallux valgus
16:24-16:30Free paper 646Felipe Chaparro, MDAnatomy of flexor hallucis longus and its relationship with hallux valgus. A cadaveric study
16:30-16:36Free paper 519Roberto Zambelli De Almeida Pinto, MDFunctional and quality of life assessment of patients with ankle ulcers subjected to complete achilles tendon resection
16:36-16:42Free paper 302Gemma González-lucena, MDValidity of the spanish manchester-oxford foot questionnaire in patients with forefoot surgery
16:42-16:48Free paper 339Philip Frazer, MDTrends in international foot and ankle research: A bibliometric analysis of four major journals
17:15 – 17:30CLOSING REMARKS