Learn about the new entry requirements

According to the Protected Borders Plan, Chile is currently in Alert Phase 1, which does
not include travel restrictions. However, there are some measures to be considered.

1) Fill in the “Travel Affidavit” form online up to 48 hours before boarding, providing
contact information and health and travel records. This form will display a QR code
as a means of verification. It is available at www.c19.cl.

2) Have health insurance with a minimum Covid-19 coverage of USD 30,000
(mandatory for non-residents).

3) Diagnostic tests will be carried out randomly at the entry point to Chile. Confirmed
cases shall be isolated according to the general health regulations (declared
domicile in the C19 or Sanitary Residence).


Although it is not mandatory, we always advice you to undergo a diagnostic test before

The accreditation of vaccines to access the “Mobility Pass” (Pase de Movibilidad) is
voluntary. We encourage you to apply for it, as the pass allows you to enter the inside
lounges in restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and on bus trips, among others.


More information: https://www.chile.travel/en/traveltochileplan/