IFFAS President’s Message April

Dear friends, it has been extremely rewarding to remotely meet some of you in different courses and meetings. It is so nice that everyone prefers to use the few minutes, that we typically have before the meeting, to talk about life, families, health situation and just enjoying to see and talk to each other. 

Everyone is working hard to come up with a new and interesting title for a new educational activity, but at the same time we all agree that we miss the face to face events.

The vaccination programs have given us some hope that there is a chance that in the second semester of 2021 we may progressively come back to our regular way of sharing knowledge. It will probably be possible just in some countries, beginning with local attendees (due to travel restrictions), limited number of participants (specially for practical activities), and in some cases blended course.

We all know that online activities will remain forever, but we are eager to come back to face to face activities and everyone is planning in that direction.

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