IFFAS Council Meeting

On Saturday April 17, a new and successful meeting of the IFFAS council was held, in which there was a long discussion about the work done so far and what is coming to us during this 2021, in addition to our congress 2022 in Viña del Mar, Chile. In this regard, we want to share with you the following information:

1.- Virtual activities: Webinars on different topics of general interest will be held periodically throughout the year, with the participation of the experts from each confederation. Its calendar and theme will be notified in a timely manner through the different channels of the Federation.

2. Annual Congress: An update will be made regarding the symposia, free papers and posters as detailed below:

A) Symposia: They will maintain the organized structure for the previous congress, with updating of topics that requires it according to the advancement of knowledge in these 2 years, thus persevering with the initial focus of the congress. Updates of topics or speakers will be informed in advance.

B) Free papers and posters: The authors of selected papers will be offered their update or re-submission of a new one as needed. There will be a new call to send free papers and posters to adapt to the advancement of knowledge in these 2 years. All this information will also be sent to each of the authors in a timely manner.

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