Discover Chile: Coquimbo



The Coquimbo Region is in the north of Chile, 450km from Santiago, bordering Argentina to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. This region is also characterized by a pleasant climate, with high temperatures in summer and more temperate in winter. The regional capital is La Serena, which is the main tourist destination in the region. Other relevant urban centers are the city of Coquimbo, which is immediately adjacent to La Serena, and Ovalle. The main economic activity in the fourth region is still closely linked to mining, mainly copper, gold and manganese. Another relevant activity in the region is agriculture, beginning here the cultivation of grapes, being the place of origin of the world famous “Chilean Pisco”.

The cloud-free skies make this region a privileged site for astronomy, being the observatories of “Cerro Tololo” and “La Silla” among the most important for astronomical tourism.

Another must-see in the region are its beaches, where the main beach of La Serena, the Balneario of Tongoy and Isla Damas stand out, with its crystal clear waters within the Pingüino de Humboldt National Reserve, where you can see the famous Humboldt penguin, birds and dolphins. You can get to La Serena by direct flights from Santiago, lasting approximately 40 minutes, on the main national airlines or by land, approximately 4 hours away.


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