February highlighted article: Traditional Modified Broström vs Suture Tape Ligament Augmentation

The modified Broström (MB) procedure has long been the mainstay for the treatment of chronic lateral
ankle instability (CLAI). Recently, suture tape (ST) has emerged as augmentation for this repair. The clinical benefit of such augmentation has yet to be fully established. The purpose of this study was to determine if ST augmentation provides an advantage over the traditional MB.

Discover Chile: Biobío Region

The Bio-Bio region owes its name to the Bio-Bio river, the widest in Chile, which marked the natural boundary between Spaniards and Mapuches in the country’s history. Its channel ends in the regional capital, Concepción. This is located approximately 800km south of Santiago and is the most important urban, economic and educational center in southern Chile.

January highlighted article: Pathogenesis, Evaluation, and Management of Osteolysis Following Total Ankle Arthroplasty

In this article, we present a current and comprehensive review of osteolysis in TAA with
illustrative cases. We examine the basic science principles behind the etiology of osteolysis, discuss the workup of a patient with suspected osteolysis, and present a review of the evidence of various management strategies, including grafting of cysts, revision TAA, and arthrodesis.